Join us at MiH

At MiH, you have the opportunity to be part of an innovative startup environment with a growing list of clients who are world-renowned in the field of healthcare.

MiH adds value to the clients’ products and services by proposing more effective ways to operate them. Hence, you have the chance to experience first-hand impact on a large scale.

As our name implies, our services are heavily skewed towards quants, and include health-economic analyses of various kinds, services related to data collection, statistical programming, advanced analysis and automation solutions, and methods for valuing health. To support these services, we will be in need of people with skills in mathematics, programming, statistics, health economics and outcomes research; as well as the administrative framework on which the company rests.

You get to be part of a team composed of multi-talented individuals who are highly motivated and accomplished professionals, willing to take the time to mentor each other at all levels.

If this sounds compelling to you, come join our group!

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Reasons to join us
Here is why you will love how we work.
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Started during the pandemic, MiH is built around the tools to work from anywhere. We provide the digital tools to be together – even when we are apart.

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Async work,
real interactions

We believe in steady 1:1 interactions and weekly team meetings to build long-lasting and stable relationships.

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Learning and
career growth

Learning is a road, not a destination. We take on projects demanding even the most experienced of us to learn new skills.

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We do not like repetitive tasks, and believe that our clients do not like them either. Thus, we strive to develop new ways to simplify the next project, the next tool, and the next product. We push ourselves to create exciting and practically useful solutions for our customers.

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MiH is a small team of highly talented individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds. The team is always ready to lend a hand.



We put care and time in documenting our work. This allow us to have thoughtful discussions on key topics.

If you think you can bring us as much as we can bring you…